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Espial Inc

Espial (now Enghouse) is a company that focuses on multimedia broadcast solutions and user interfaces for embedded devices.

The projects I worked on were user interfaces for cable set-top boxes. Originally development was done with HTML5 using CSS and some simple JavaScript. We converted the project to use primarily Canvas because we needed more utility. Eventually the project was updated to use WebGL instead of Canvas as it gave us the best performance on the devices we were using. Most of my work was done in JavaScript.

Over the course of my time at Espial I learned about almost every layer of the software stack. I find that knowing what is happening elsewhere helps me develop more useful and applicable code, so I did what I could to learn as much as possible. I was involved in a lot of bug and feature prioritization sessions and often became the mentor to new UX team employees, bringing them up to speed on our code and helping them understand the design methodologies that we used.