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Happy Studio

This is a Flash (Actionscript 3) MMO for kids. It is currently a 3D experience.

When a child enters the site they get to build a character with different clothing and hairstyles. With this character they can roam through the 3D environments making friends with other players or just enjoying the scenery. Dotted throughout the world are games, missions and activities for the players to participate in. When the players complete a game or mission they are rewarded with costume pieces or stars that they can use to purchase more costumes. The players can also adopt a virtual pet which will follow them around and interact with them in the world environment.

This game started out as a 2D game. Over the span of half a year myself and three other programmers updated it to a 3D experience. This was accomplished by using a combination of libraries. We chose to use Away3D because it is in active development and provides a strong array of 3D utilities. We also used SEA3D as a file format for our 3D models because at the time the AWD format was not enough for what we wanted to do.

The toughest part about this project was the very short timeline and tight resources. Lots of effort was spent to make sure that it worked properly on all kinds of computers. It was a challenging upgrade, but in the end it payed off.