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XBOX 360




The UnderGarden

The UnderGarden is a very interesting game. It is not quite like anything I have made before. The UnderGarden is all about exploration and the beauty of life. You play as a small sprite whose sole purpose is to collect pollen and regrow the world inside it's cave. The sprite is often described as swimming because of the way it floats through it's environment and the fluid movement of the plants as they grow into the world.

I was the programmer on the team responsible for much of the music. I didn't make the music but I got it in and made it all work. This was a bit of a challenge at times because we needed a lot of new sound code to make sure that all the music tracks stayed in sync.

This was also the first time I had ever worked with a third party audio engine. We used FMod. Also the first time I worked with the PS3 and the first project I worked on at Artech Studios.

A game full of firsts for me.