Motion Explosion


XBOX 360



Wildlife: Forest Survival

This is an unreleased game we were working on for EA. This game lets players take the role of a rabbit, fox, gator or hawk. The goal of the game is to eat or be eaten. Each animal has a different goal in the game, making multiplayer matches more than just stat crunching.

Playing the rabbit is all about stealth an speed. The rabbit must eat enough carrots, while not being eaten, in order to get a higher score than the predators to win. The fox is a cunning predator. Stealthy enough to catch even the most elusive rabbits, and quick enough to kill a complacent hawk. The Gator has no natural predators. Only the foolish would venture into the water where the gator can out swim anything. It's weakness though is it's very slow speed when walking on land. The Hawk has the advantage of flight for those that can master it however even a well timed dive at a rabbit can still go awry if a fox decides get in the way.

On this game I worked mostly on the audio systems. Global and ambient, there was a lot to do to get it sounding just right. I also wrote some of the code that was used for a pair of animals that didn't make it into the final version; the frog and the mosquito.