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Motion Explosion!

Motion Explosion is a Kinect title that pushes you to the limit to help develop your hand eye coordination. The game consists of 12 minigames each with 10 levels of difficulty ranging from mind numbingly simple to brutally hard.

Each game is designed as a test of a different part of your brain. Some require quick reflexes and timing, some require spacial awareness and some rely on your ability to do different things with different hands.

Being our first exploration into the Kinect there was lots to be learned about the new system, and consequently lots of engine code to write.

I did some of the engine code for Kinect but I worked mostly on the Tilt-Board minigame as well as ShapeDodge. Tilt board wasn't much of a challenge because the premise was simple. You tilt the board to roll the ball. You need to collect stars for points and get the ball into the hole to finish. It's based off of the old Labyrinth game.

Shape dodge was a bit more complex though. The game is about dodging walls of blocks that move toward you while collecting stars for points. On the more difficult levels the walls move or change shape as they approach the player. The difficulty in programming this game came from the complexity. The shape of each wall had to be stored as well as the pattern in which the walls appeared. As the game became more developed I added some more complex features like the walls that moved or slowly appeared as they got close to you. All of this had to be editable by our level designers in our in house editor which was no simple task.